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This morning on the radio I was listening to the host talk about a study out of Austrailia about how the Christmas season has a horrible impact on the environment. There was stuff about how it takes 44 lbs of raw materials and 240 gallons of water to make one $30 box of chocolates (Shouldn't Valentine's Day be the holiday under attack here?)

The organisation (spelled like they do down under?) offered hints to help lessen the burden on Mother Earth in the form of alternatives to the custom of actually buying a gift.

Some of those suggestions were "free hugs" or "vouchers for clean bathrooms." I called in. They put me on the air. My point? Hugs are already free unless you are getting them from a prostitute, in which case you are wasting your money. I also clean the bathrooms in my house for free. I don't think I need to implement a bookkeeping system for that either. Besides, free hugs and clean bathrooms happen all year long - Christmastime just means the hugs are warmer and longer because they are often with people you haven't seen since last Christmas and they smell like gingerbread or pine or some other Christmas smell. ;)
Alan 2:52 PM


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