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Belize! Sweet Belize!

The second sentence on the Wikipedia page for Belize says:
It is the only officially English speaking country in the region.

I wonder how long before the United States will need to have their Wikipedia page updated with similar language describing the sections, and I mean "sections" of the U.S. where English is the primary language. Also note I said "primary" not official. How is it that Belize can be "officially English speaking" but the U.S., or better yet, her individual States, can not?
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How did THIS happen?

I have never been at this crossroads before, in any job I have ever had. Not only am I not qualified for my bosses job, I wouldn't want it if I was. And to add to that particular insult, I am approaching the idea of not even wanting the promotion that I just got. I am seriously considering asking for my old title and salary back. If my current boss is just going to keep doing things the way they were before I got promoted, I can't feel good about being paid for something he is doing. If he wants to martyr himself and be the overworked one, I guess I can't say much.

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Which is it now?

A couple of months ago, as I waited for my promotion and raise to kick in after the first of the year, I was struck with two different streams in my consciousness...
The first one was "Wow, I am being given the opportunity to lead change and make a difference in this department, heck, in this company."
The second one was "Wow, that's a decent raise, and the whole management by objective thing sounds pretty cool, I can't wait to learn more about that."
As I sit here now, after the first of the year obviously, and ponder the weight of both of those thoughts it becomes clear to me. It’s all about the extra $50 in the paycheck. That’s all that really changed. Oh, and I get new business cards. Someday.
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